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1. Criteria for Choosing a School of Architecture to Study by John Henning→
2. Profile of Moscow School 2107 for applicants to foreign universities.
We study and rethink the example of the famous School 57→

3. Exploring Moscow Medical Universities. Tuition and Average Grades for Free Study in 2022→
4. How to prepare for Chemistry Olympiads. Selection of materials and description of the process
5. Search for the best chemical and biological schools in the regions of Russia→
6. Opinion of teachers of prestigious schools in Moscow on which chemistry textbook is the best→
7. Test the ability to gather information from open sources in preparation for an interview in Fundamentals of Cell Biology→

Study for a doctor in Russia and abroad, correspondence with foreign universities,
Ministries of Education, and organizations overseeing the admission and transfer of students→

1. Medical Education in the World for a Graduate of a Russian School. Part 1→
2. Medical Education in the World for a Graduate of a Russian School. Part 2→
List of universities (by rating), links on the websites of universities.
3. Medical education at the University of Singapore for students from Russia→
4. Medical Education for Russians in Korean Universities→
5. Medical Education for Russians in Japanese Universities→
6. Medical education for Russians at Universities in the Netherlands→
7. Medical Education for Graduates of Russian Schools at Universities in Italy→
8. Medical Education at Swedish Universities for Students from Russia→
9. Medical education in Portugal for graduates of Russian schools→
10.Medical Education in Spanish Universities for Russians→
11. Medical education in the Czech Republic for Russians→
12.Medical education for Russians at universities in Finland→
13.Medical education in Slovenia for students from Russia→
14.Medical Education in Estonia for Russians→
15. Medical Education in Hong Kong for Russians→
16. Medical education for graduates of Russian schools in Lithuania→
17. Medical education in the Kingdom of Denmark for Russian students→
18. Medical Education for Russians at Norwegian Universities→
19. Medical Education in the Federal Republic of Germany for Russians→
20. Medical education in Hungary for graduates of Russian schools→

Entering Medical University in Moscow in 2025. Preparation and the Olympics→

Training as a pharmacist in Russia and other countries, pharmaceutical Olympiads in Moscow and St. Petersburg and
my personal project on Pharmacy→

(Project to begin in July 2023)
1. Pharmacy as my personal project→

Chemistry education at universities in Europe and Asia.
Correspondence with university admissions committees. (Project to be launched in August 2023)


My correspondence→
1. Figuring out how Science is run in Russia→
2. Trying to find out about interesting excursions in Moscow schools→
3. Wondering why scientists decided to become Scientists→
4. Asking Deputy Ministers of Education for advice→
5. Recognition of diplomas of foreign universities in Russia (Ministry of Education)→
6. Payment for education abroad — a proposal to solve the problem (Ministry of Finance)→
7. Implementation of hawala system for payment of tuition fees through the Central Bank of Russia→
8. Response from the Moscow City Duma→
9. Response from the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation→
10. Correspondence with Italians→
11. Correspondence with the French→
12. Question to the Russian Ministry of Industry about education abroad→
13. Support for Russian students to study abroad→

1. September 2022. Election of Minister of Science at School 2107 and metagenome analysis at Skolkovo→

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