Payment for education abroad-proposal to solve the problem.
Letter to the Ministry of Finance of Russia.

Purpose: To find out about the possibility of paying tuition fees to foreign universities from Russia in the difficult conditions of 2022.
What I want: Propose to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the idea of transferring money to pay for Russian students to study abroad.
Means: Letter to the Ministry of Finance of Russia.
I’m Egor Kugno, a 9th grade student of the HSE Distributed Lyceum.
In preparation for my project on pharmaceuticals I have written to several directors of pharmaceutical companies in Russia,
and from the answers of the respected directors it became clear to me that now it is better to get a quality education abroad, because in Russia
there are simply no areas of industry (for example, in fact there is no chemical synthesis of substances for pharmaceutical production)
And, accordingly, there are no specialists who can teach it.
I am still considering such education (if it will be possible), but my dad pointed out that now it is impossible to pay for
study abroad, and it is impossible to transfer money for the life of the student because of the sanctions.
Researching the issue I learned that in the eastern regions of the world there is an informal system of money transfers-Havala.
Please tell me if we have something similar in Russia?
It would be wonderful if my father could send money to the account of the Ministry of Finance- and me at the consulate of the country where I will study
(Germany or Italy as an example)-given me cash.
This would have solved the problem of tuition and the actual cost of living.
In addition, this would facilitate closer communication between students studying abroad and representatives of the Russian diplomatic corps,
which is useful in and of itself, as well as providing objective information about the situation.
In general, if there is no such system, would you please create one?
Thank you .
Egor Kugno

Address: 9 Ilyinka St., Moscow, 109097
Tel.: 112008 Telefax: +7 (495) 625-08-89
21.10.2022 № 05-06-11/102224
Dear Yegor Alekseyevich!
The Department of Financial Policy within its competence has reviewed
Your appeal, received from the Office of the Government of the Russian Federation By letter № P48-179990, dated 29.09.2022, and thanks you for your suggestions We are grateful for your suggestions and the attention you pay to the development of the financial system of Russia. The letter thanks you for your attention to the development of the financial system of the Russian Federation.
At the same time, money transfers without opening bank accounts, including electronic money transfers (with the exception of postal money transfers)
At the same time, money transfers without opening a bank account, including electronic money transfers (except for postal money transfers) belong to the banking operations' which can be done by a credit institution on the basis of a special permit (license) issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The credit organizations have the right to carry out such operations on the basis of a special permit (license) from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
Moreover, the use of hawala money transfers is associated with an increased risk of money laundering money laundering and financing of terrorism.
At the same time for carrying out illegal banking activities without a special permit (license) in cases when such permit (license) is
and, in cases where such permission (license) is required, liability is incurred under Article 172 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
Deputy Director
Financial Policy Department S.I. Voznesensky

1 Article 5 of the Federal Law # 395-1 dated December 02, 1990 "On Banks and Banking Activities

Result: Unfortunately, the introduction of the money transfer system «Hawala» in Russia is delayed — because of the position of the Central Bank of Russia.
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