Response from the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Purpose: To attend a meeting of the Federation Council
What I want: To see how real decisions are made on the governance of Russia and the city of Moscow
Means: Letter to the SFSRF
Letter Text:
Good afternoon.
I am Egor Kugno, a 9th grade student at school 2107.
We have a very diverse school, the HSE Lyceum, and the children’s interests are just a lot.
We’re about to have elections of the school President and Ministers.
I want to run for Minister of Science.
I want to make a good election program, and spend the rest of my school years with interest.)
Since the age of 12 I am engaged in biology and microbiology circles, and quite well understand what career in biology you can make.
But I certainly do not have enough knowledge about the work of government bodies, and the position is still the Minister).
Tell me please, is it possible to attend meetings of the Duma?
It is very interesting to look at the work, so to speak — from the inside.
Thank you
Egor Kugno

ul. B.Dmitrovka, 26, Moscow, 103426 
"6 " September 2022 
In response to the address received by the Federation Council of the Federal 
of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, we hereby inform you that the information you are interested in 
The information you are interested in is available on the official website of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation at 
Head of the Department I.V. Kharlamova

On the website I could only find an advertisement for excursions:

Tours of the Federation Council are organized by the Press Service of the Federation Council. During familiarization tours, visitors receive general information on the composition and structure of the chamber and on the organization of its work. Thematic tours provide detailed information to the visitors on the areas of interest of the chamber, and may also include meetings with the senators of the Russian Federation and employees of the structural subdivisions of the Office of the Federation Council.
The tours are held for the groups not exceeding 20 people on working days from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. The duration of the tours shall not exceed one hour. As a rule, no more than two excursions may be held during one day.
Address of the Federation Council: 103426, Moscow, ul. B. Dmitrovka, 26.
Press Service Phone: +7 (495) 986-65-31
Tours are organized on the basis of appeals from heads of state authorities, organizations, public associations, educational institutions and representative offices of international and foreign organizations and institutions accredited in the Russian Federation. The application for the excursion shall be submitted on the official letterhead of the organization and shall be certified by the seal and signature of the head. The application is submitted in a free form with the obligatory indication of the full name, position and contact phone number of the person responsible for the group. The application shall be sent to the head of the Department of Information and Media Relations of the Office of the Federation Council (Press Service of the Federation Council) not later than one week prior to the proposed date of the tour. In order for the request to be put on the tour schedule, the date and time should be agreed upon with the responsible employee of the Press Service of the Council of the Federation in advance.

I should note that there is a recording of all the meetings on the Federation Council’s website, they can easily be found here.

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