About this site.

I got the idea for the website in June 2022.
I was actively preparing to enter school 2107 (where I am studying now), was compiling a portfolio for admission, and I suddenly found myself with many letters from various Russian ministries with which I corresponded, and responses from pharmaceutical companies, with specialists from which I communicated as part of my small project «Pharmaceuticals» — which were not secret, and which in my opinion would be worth publishing on the Internet.
At the same time I began to take online courses on school subjects on the site «Ya-class», in a private office which keeps very detailed statistics for all subjects studied (how much time, up to seconds, was spent on this or that task, how much time devoted to theory, how much time to practice, how many solved examples, at what attempt, etc.) — and I thought that all this, too, probably would be worth posting on my own website.
So I would have solved a few problems, I would have saved everything that was happening to me online, shared with people can be useful to them the information, and made the site itself, which is well suited for individual projects, and if you are lucky, would have been in the portfolio and personal achievements in the electronic diary of the Moscow schoolboy.
I talked to my dad about the site, and he gave me the domain he had bought a long time ago and advised me on hosting and site management systems.
The hosting was paid for, WordPress was deployed on the hosting, and the site was up and running-about the end of August 2022.
But school started in September, so the first article on the site didn’t appear until October 8, 2022.
The original idea was that, besides publishing my correspondence and results of the training — to keep track of some interesting for me personally activities (medicine, pharmaceutics and programming) offered by Moscow on different internet sites, to tell about them on the main page, and if possible — to attend some of these activities and write about them in the articles «in the first person».
I decided that as soon as the announcements become out of date (for example, when the date of accepting applications for studies or contests ends) I will put them into the Archive, and then, if necessary, both myself and visitors to the site will be able to find information about what was interesting in Moscow during one month or another.
I really went to several events on the program of Saturday of Moscow Schoolboy, in particular on scientific excursion to the morgue of Sechenov University (First Med), and in the program of medical classes — was on a tour at the Foreign Medical Universities Diploma Examination Center at RUDN (Fourth Med), where I visited the Department of Genecology, and also visited lectures on andrology at RSMU (Second Med).
I have these articles on my blog, but to be honest I don’t know when I will have time to write them.
Studying in our school is pretty intense, there are a lot of classes, homework is huge, and I’m not going anywhere either.
Plus I, as Deputy Minister of Science in the school (I participated in the elections for the post of Minister of Science, lost — but was noticed, if so you can say:) )- I’m involved in organizing various events like the What, Where, When game at school-and there’s no time at all.
Besides, I’ve received over 200 answers to my letters to Universities around the world about getting a medical education and I decided to try to publish the most interesting answers from Universities, as this information can really help someone.
In general, for almost half a year of existence of the site — the idea of its content has changed somewhat, but still I think that after graduation this year the site will be very significantly expanded, and filled with a very large amount of useful content.
In addition, I decided to translate all the articles on the site into English (using translator programs, of course — otherwise I will have no time to sleep), and periodically publish reports on the work done on the site, and on the issues that arise before the site owner.
П. S. Even probably I will make a section in which I will write what things on the site and why should be done in the future, a kind of open to-do.
This site is not commercial, at least while, it reads the 15 people a day — and this candor I think the problems, in contrast, someone from the visitors may well advise what is useful.

Egor Kugno
Edited 12.02.2023.

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I invite all clever kids of Moscow and their parents to the Open Day in our school on 04.03.2023→
I myself have made a decision to enter 2107 exactly after visiting Open Day last year.

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