The Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Svetlana Radionova at the meeting with Moscow high school students in the framework of «Econoch» announced that the III International Children and Youth Prize «Ecology is everyone’s business» will start on March 1, 2023. According to her, participation in the Prize gives children and teenagers a chance to realize the most courageous ideas and developments in the field of ecology, and will help to discover scientific and creative potential.
During the action «Econoch» in Moscow school № 2107 Svetlana Radionova told the students how to implement environmental ideas that will help children to discover their talents and now decide on their future profession. The head of Rosprirodnadzor told about a unique opportunity to realize research and creative projects aimed at environmental preservation within a new season of the award «Environment is everyone’s business».
«Guys, do your best. You have a huge choice of nominations, where you can show your boundless imagination in various fields — from art to science, — she said. — You are the future engineers and ecologists, journalists and businessmen, biologists and developers of high technology. Not only your personal professional future but also the future of our planet depends on your initiative».
Radionova said that in the new season of the prize «Ecology — a matter for everyone» there will be another nomination — the tenth, details of it are kept secret. In addition, the organizers are preparing surprises for the participants in the form of new projects and activities.
The head of Rosprirodnadzor told how, thanks to participation in the Prize, the most active and talented children could realize their projects. For example, the development of «Aqua Cafe» by the participant of the first season of the 11th-grader Olga Frantseva from Moscow interested in investors. The Grand-Prix winner of the second season, 15-year-old Boris Glushak from St. Petersburg invented a photobioreactor «Cascade-1». One of the large factories has already purchased his innovative device, which is able to produce oxygen from carbon dioxide and disinfect the air by means of microalgae.
Rector of the Higher School of Economics Nikita Anisimov also spoke at the meeting about the need to help children discover their talents and find their calling. «Our task is to give children from all regions of Russia the opportunity to find themselves, to help them prove themselves. We need to fight for talented children. It’s no coincidence that VSU has created a unique environment for developing and revealing talents. The Rosprirodnadzor Children’s Award also meets this goal,» he said.

Within the framework of «Econochi» the organizers of the Prize and the experts of EcoSchool-2107 helped schoolchildren to orientate where to start, on what topics to think about their eco-project. Master classes, informative lectures and quizzes from the Institute of Ecology of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the student organization «Green Vyshka» were attended by over 240 students and their parents. The children learned more about protected areas of Russia, national parks, and discussed the contribution of each person to the conservation of natural resources. «Econoch» was not limited to discussions. The schoolchildren collected stuffed toys for recycling and learned how to make eco-poofs. Signed up to participate in the charity event «Plant a Forest,» and received prizes and gifts from the Prize «Ecology is everyone’s business.
«Ecology is an interdisciplinary field, and projects in this area have global significance. That is why we believe that ecology today is one of the best directions for talents disclosure,» — said Natalia Porotnikova, deputy director of the Institute of Ecology, head of HSE Eco-Schools.
Recall that the Children’s and Youth Environmental Initiative was established by the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Management on March 31, 2021. The prize is awarded for interesting ideas, initiatives and outstanding projects devoted to environmental conservation, respect for nature, environmental education and promotion of eco-culture among children and young people aged 6 to 17 years.
Last year, the number of applications for the Prize increased by more than 5 times and exceeded 45 thousand. Children from 34 countries took part in the contest. A huge number of creative applications came from Russian schools, boarding schools and orphanages, many of which were awarded diplomas and gifts for their activity. The children received smartphones, tablets, trips to the Black Sea and educational courses. Applications for the third season of the Prize are accepted from March 1 to October 1, 2023 at www.экологияделокаждого.рф.

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