Trying to find out about interesting excursions in Moscow schools

Purpose: To understand what interesting excursions there are in Moscow schools
What I really need: Now in Moscow there are incredible opportunities to satisfy literally any interests of schoolchildren.
There is a huge number of directions in schools (specialized classes), schools cooperate with universities, at steep universities for motivated students there are Pre-Universaries — senior classes, where children, very much wanting to enter these universities, many schools have special classes from universities, there is an insane amount of activities for every taste and color — to trace all this in manual mode is simply impossible.
Came up with the idea to ask the schools themselves in Moscow about everything interesting))
Means: sent more than 150 letters to the schools on the list of the best schools of Moscow, published on the site of Moscow Mayor’s Office
Letters were sent to the address of the Principal of the school and to the general school address in each case

Good afternoon.
I’m Egor Kugno, a student in the 9th grade at school 2107.
We have an election coming up for School President and Ministers
I’d like to run for Science Minister.
Could you please tell me if your high school students have had any interesting excursions in the past year?
Do you have any recommendations for them?
We have a very diverse school, the HSE Distributed Lyceum, and the kids have a lot of interests.
First of all (but not only!) I am interested in scientific organizations and industrial companies in Moscow, which will be my responsibility.
I want to make a good election program, and with interest to spend the remaining school years).
Do you have a good site, but after the summer renovation broke down, could not find anything, so I write personally
Thank you .
With respect,
Egor Kugno
Bottom line:
An epicfeil of unbelievable proportions.
In three weeks, not ONE response has been received!
Maybe people do not have time, maybe everyone is afraid, I do not know.
The most interesting thing is that these same people were happy to answer my questions, if they dealt with the transfer to their schools or classes at fee-based courses in these very schools.
The conclusion most likely is that the schools are competing for keen students, and do not want to share their knowledge.
Solution: Schools have telegram feeds in which they very generously share their successes.
Examples: 171, 1799, 2087
It is necessary to create the Unified Telegram Channel of school 2107 which would automatically collect all data of all open telegram channels of Moscow schools.
It is worth entrusting the creation of this channel and its setup to students of the senior programming classes of our school, perhaps as a project for evaluation.
Seeing the activity and popularity of certain areas (and schools are eager to share such information — they write how many people were on the excursion or took part in the project) responsible for education in our school will be able to make better decisions more quickly

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