Profile of Moscow School 2107 for applicants to foreign universities.
We study and rethink the example of the famous School 57.

Choosing a school
After studying in the eighth grade for a year at 1501 Moscow School, I realized that it was a little different.
I studied in the medical corps, we had excellent biology and just great chemistry with practice, but everything else was a bit underdeveloped.
I decided to look for another school and go to the 9th grade, not a specialty in chemistry, but an ordinary, but strong Moscow school.
My dad and I decided on the requirements:
1. I was accepted only by means of exams (this basically guarantees that all the other students who do not want to study should be absent).
2. Preferably, schools attached to universities (we also considered schools attached to colleges and technical colleges, though they are usually very specialized).
3. Preferably, the school should be in the top 70 top schools of Moscow (ideally Top 20).
4. Teaching English at an advanced level (from 5 hours a week).
5. Presence of a school in a list of schools-winners of the Moscow and All-Russia Olympiads is desirable.
As a result, we had a list of more than 30 schools worth applying to.
I studied sites of these schools, reviews about them (at that time Mosobr just beginning to change sites of schools, and I was very lucky — I had time to read everything on old, clear and full of information sites).
After sorting out the schools that need to be prepared from the cradle (179, 2), too posh (1535) and involved in scandals, I kept 10 schools, participated in entrance exams in some of them, and finally settled on 2107, and where I went.
Of course, on a choice has affected also that I have visited in this school Open Day which to me very much, and, besides — full availability of the information on receipt on a school site, including video of meetings with the curator of high school Olga Vladimirovna Fomina.
School 57 Profile
Although 57 is not on my list of schools for admission — there is no enrollment in high school — it is still overall a great school with serious training, wonderful evening free schools for 7th graders, one of which, in economics, I attended last year, and very difficult entrance tests, more difficult than in 172, 1502, 1514 and 1535 schools — I found a very interesting document on this school’s website.
I am talking about the Official Profile of the school, written and approved by the school administration, which briefly describes all the achievements of the school and its students.
The profile is written in English — the point of it is to help the school graduates applying to foreign universities, presenting the school in the best way, showing that the applicant for admission to a foreign university finished one of the best schools of Moscow (and correspondingly — Russia), and is entitled to extra points or special treatment by the admission committee of Harvard.
Now it is hard to find it on the website of the 57th school, but I kept it.

The idea of translating the diploma into a foreign language or presenting information about the educational institution is not new in itself — I saw something like this with my dad, who graduated from the HSE Faculty of Law and received not only a diploma (crusts), but also a transcript of all the courses attended, with a translation into the American grading system.

But the fact that the school administration is doing it, I really liked it.
I made a quick translation of the school’s Profile 57 for easy reference,

I think as part of my participation in the Science Ministry of School 2107, I will try to creatively rethink this profile, and put together a similar one for our school’s graduates.
Good ideas should not, of course, sit on the sidelines — they should be used and, if possible, implemented.
I have scheduled this work for the late summer of 2023.

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