Response from the Moscow City Duma

Purpose: To attend a meeting of the Moscow City Duma
What I want: To see how real decisions are made to govern Russia and the city of Moscow
Means: Letter to the Moscow City Duma
Letter Text:
Good afternoon.
I’m Egor Kugno, a ninth-grader at school 2107.
We have a very diverse school, the HSE Lyceum, and the interests of the guys just a lot.
We’re about to have elections of the school President and Ministers.
I want to run for Minister of Science.
I want to make a good election program, and spend the rest of my school years with interest.)
Since the age of 12 I am engaged in biology and microbiology circles, and quite well understand what career in biology you can make.
But I certainly do not have enough knowledge about the work of government bodies, and the position is still the Minister).
Tell me please, is it possible to attend meetings of the Duma?
It is very interesting to look at the work, so to speak — from the inside.
Thank you
Egor Kugno

Dear Egor Kugno!
In accordance with the instruction of the Chief of Staff of the Moscow City Duma dated September 08, 2022 № 07-04-10017/22 to your appeal for attending a meeting of the Moscow City Duma, I inform you.
The opportunity for citizens to attend meetings of the Moscow City Duma is stipulated by Article 66 of the Moscow City Charter and is provided in accordance with the regulations of the organization.
The procedure of the Moscow City Duma activities, the basic rules and procedures of the Moscow City Duma are stipulated by the Regulations of the Moscow City Duma approved by the decree # 320 as of 16.11.2005 (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations of the Duma).
In accordance with article 3 of the Regulations of the Moscow City Duma (hereinafter
- of the Moscow City Duma (hereinafter referred to as "the Duma"), the participants of the session (deputies of the Duma, the Mayor of Moscow, the authorized representative of the Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow City Duma, the Chairman of the Moscow City Court, the Chairman of the Arbitration Court of Moscow, the Chairman of the Statutory Court of Moscow, the Public Prosecutor of Moscow, the Russian Federation Senator - representative of the Moscow City Duma in the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation), who have their personal working places in the session hall, and participate in the session.
During the open session of the Duma in the meeting room the following may be present
Officials of the Moscow Mayor and Government Administration, executive agencies of the Moscow City Government, full-time assistants (advisers) of the deputies, who ensure the deputy's work at the session, civil servants occupying the civil service positions in the Moscow City Government Administration and ensuring the
sessions, members of delegations on an official visit to the Duma, members of the Public Chamber of the City of Moscow sent to participate in the Duma session, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the City of Moscow (when considering the issues in the field of protection of human and civil rights and freedoms). Moreover, during consideration of a certain agenda item at a Duma session, other persons invited for consideration of a certain agenda item are entitled to attend (personal composition of invited persons is determined by the Chairman of the Duma considering proposals of the subjects of the right of legislative initiative, as well as editors of drafts).
In view of the above, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the course of the meeting of the Moscow City Duma during its broadcasting on the official website of the Duma (https://ԁ in the information and telecommunications network "Internet".
Information about the next meeting of the Duma is posted on the official website of the Duma in the section "Working week" - "Activities in the Duma".
The Head of the State Legal Department
A.V. Krutyshev

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