Work made on the site from 20 to 26 February 2023

Completely redesigned the Contents page in English

Translated into English articles of correspondence with Russian ministries and departments:
1. Figuring out how science is run in Russia→
2. Trying to find out about interesting excursions in Moscow schools→
3. Wondering why scientists decided to become Scientists→
4. Asking Deputy Ministers of Education for advice→
5. Recognition of diplomas of foreign universities in Russia (Ministry of Education)→
6. Payment for education abroad — a proposal to solve the problem (Ministry of Finance)→
7. Implementation of hawala system for payment of tuition fees through the Central Bank of Russia→
All links are added to the Table of Contents in English

Reworked article on the criteria for selecting a school of architecture.
Previously this article was a mixed Russian-English article.
Now it is divided into two — Russian and English versions:
1. Criteria for Choosing a School of Architecture to Study by John Henning
2. Критерии выбора Архитектурной школы для обучения от Джона Хеннинга.

Translated into English article
Profile of Moscow School 2107 for applicants to foreign universities.
Exploring and rethinking the example of School 57.
Address: the-example-of-the-famous-school-57/
Developing this profile will take quite a bit of time; work has been added to the list for the summer.

Made a page -aggregator in English, a copy of the page Correspondence in Russian
Link added to Content of site in English

Translated articles in Archive
P.S. dated March 1, 2023.
The Archive page has been removed from the site. Instead it is now the Done! page
This article has been moved to the Blog

September 2022.
Election of Minister of Science at School 2107 and metagenome analysis at Skolkovo.

The work took about 7 hours.

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