Review of the free multidisciplinary course self-study for the General State Exam from Examer

After my first acquaintance with Maximum Education, Examer, and Homework preparation courses, I had the impression that of these courses, Maximum Education comes first, Examer comes second, and Homework comes third (and generally apart from them).
I was introduced to them in that order, and I think the first impression was so strong.
But after I took some of the courses in each service, my opinion has changed.
Of the courses in question unequivocal leader Examer, and here’s why.
First of all, this course is multi-subject.
To prepare for the GSE in Examer have courses in Russian, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Social Science.
I took the math tests,

russian language

and chemistry

OGE courses are complete, with theory, with videos, with tasks that dynamically change.

The videos contain Scripts and Outlines on the topic of the lesson.

If you want to practice the difficult tasks of the future exam will want to go over the lesson you have already passed — the tasks will be different.
Video tutorials to prepare for the General State Examination are on average 60-80 minutes long, they are enough — an average of about 60 pieces in the course, and there are new ones.

Secondly, the course meets the requirements that I described in the previous article.
The course is self-explanatory.
The main screen has everything you need, nothing is hidden, everything is in sight.

There is a video tutorial for the course. It’s here.
The video was recorded six years ago, but there haven’t been many changes to the personal account.
The Examer programmers clearly follow the Linux rule — don’t fix what’s not broken.
There is a Knowledge Analysis built into the course, which, when you look at it, immediately tells you where you are now and what is yet to come.

The course is not stuffy. There is no support, but it is not needed.
Everything is simple, everything is clear, everything in its place, the fonts are normal, the navigation is as it should be, annoying timer can be hidden and I certainly recommend doing so.
Course-smart. If the system sees that you’re exceeding your commitments, such as scoring more points in classes or quests than you planned, it will suggest you move on,

to the test papers,

and remember to remind you that there is only one attempt at each task.

Switching from the course to other courses you are taking is elementary, no need to log out of one account and log in to another, progress is saved and always available.
For me, the course is too much gamification — but I’m sure that many people like it.

If you are totally bored-you can write to any student taking the course.
For every little success you have, they lick you from all sides and motivate you to keep going.

You can customize your course the way you want it by specifying the date you want to prepare for and the score you want on the exam.
The system will automatically update your study plan to match the date you specify.

Setting the date, in my opinion, is extremely important.
This course is always present on the Internet, and the creators understand that you are not necessarily preparing specifically for the USE — perhaps you have decided to prepare for the exams in good schools in Moscow, which are usually in March or April, or simply to go beyond the school textbook.
With the same Maximum Education this is simply not possible — the course there is at a specific time.
In the Examer, you lose the opportunity to participate in live broadcasts of teachers, all video is recorded in advance, and if you need it for motivation live broadcasts — Examer will lose. But personally, I do not need a live broadcast.
In addition, you can learn at your own pace — there are no deadlines, after which you will be thrown out of the course (in the Maximum Edition is, this was a surprise to many trainees, and I finished this in the article).
I understand that many people want hard limits, the threat of expulsion and other methods of influence, as in Maximum Education.
And it is understandable why such pressure is applied at Maximum Education-the material is enormous and the time limit is limited. But I’m more comfortable here.
Setting the score you want to take the exam is also an interesting feature.

As far as I’ve noticed, the desired score setting only affects what outcome you need to pass the lesson with, how many points you need to score, and how many mistakes you can make. I didn’t find a difference in the testing tasks (but maybe there is a difference).

I took the initial test from two different accounts, and I found the system to be quite interesting.
In the first case, I took the test to the max, and indicated that I wanted 100 points on the GCSE, and the system agreed with me, showing that it was achievable.
In the second case I did not solve half of the items, I peeked at the answers, but still indicated that I wanted a hundred points.
The system suggested that a good score for me would be 79 points.
I think this score is tied and the result of the test, and the date by which you need to prepare for, it is clear that there is a difference in the final result TSE from the fact, whether I will do three months or six months. But so deeply I have not dug.
Besides, the very raison d’être of this course for the developer company Examer, as opposed to, for example, the OGE Maximum Education course, where a poor support system and other shortcomings do not make you want to sign up for a paid USE preparation course, is clear.
Examer’s OGE preparation course, of course, costs money, and a lot of it. But there are ads for paid USE courses built into the USE course, there are few of them, and they are not annoying. The site has a 6-minute video with fragments of lessons, quite funny.
Especially the literature teacher lights up (video from 1.17)
«And then Pierre Bezukhov just rushes in like a hurricane, and here, starts to express his opinion, and this opinion does not correlate with the opinion of the salon guests, and Anna Pavlovna as such a Shit! What’s going on? How to stop him?»
In this course you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with what paid courses Examer has to prepare for the exam USE.

In a private office, you can set up a trial access to the paid courses USE, see their program, the content, to see that, for example, in mathematics there are about 140 lessons of 40 minutes, and almost always you can half of each lesson-view.

The trial has two practice versions of the USE, part of the theory.

Incredible thing that I insanely like — the video can be sorted by the tasks of the USE exam, a trick, such as I have previously seen only in the service Internet Lesson, where you can sort lessons according to the content of the textbook, which you study (and I do not understand why ALL services do not take this idea to execution). There is no such filter in the GSE, because there are far fewer lessons.

It’s very convenient — if I know I’m not very good with the solutions to a conditional 20 problem, I just press the button and watch the videos I need, rather than wading for half an hour through 140 videos, hoping to find the right one.

There were occasional bugs in the system, but, as with Maximum Edition, I’m more inclined to blame it on my Internet,

Nevertheless, I wrote a couple of support letters.

Another funny bug — if you have not solved the problem and did not press the stop button — the timer continues to run, but as far as I understand it — it does not affect the result.

To summarize, I would say that out of the three services I tested, the free multi-subject course of independent preparation for the General State Exam from Examer-best.

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