Non-medical education at Osaka University

The administration of the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine referred my questions to the General Admissions Office, from which they sent me a very interesting answer.
It was from this letter that I learned that Osaka University has an extremely interesting bachelor’s program in science, which accepts English-speaking students.
Education takes 4.5 years (against 4 years for bachelors in Japanese, and 3 years for bachelors in Europe).
The first six months are preparatory courses, after that two years of courses in English, but all this time you study Japanese.
And from the 3rd course, training is in Japanese.
But the most important thing in this program is that you are given a scholarship and, at least for the first year, a free hostel.
Of course, having received a diploma from Osaka University (number two in Japan), you can enter any university in Japan to continue your education in the Master’s program.
The program has one visible minus — the recruitment of only 20 people a year.
After receiving this letter, I additionally studied the sites of the main Japanese Universities — and found several more such programs — which I may also write about.
I will post the answer in this section of the site — because:
1. The answer still came from a letter to the Faculty of Medicine
2. I do not plan to create a separate section on interdisciplinary education on the site
This is the Admission Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs, Osaka University.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Unfortunately, we have no undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine course where students can learn without any knowledge of Japanese.
We have two undergraduate courses taught in English; one is humanities course and the other is science course.
However, Bachelor of Medicine course is not included in both of them. We apologize for not meeting your expectations.
For the details about our two programs taught in English, please visit the following URL.
For Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program
email :
For International Undergraduate Program in Science
email :
*Please note that coursework of science program is mainly in English for the first 1.5 years after enrollment, but mainly in Japanese for the rest of the program.
Regarding the period of education of each faculty, fees, the living expenses, housing and international students careers,
please refer to the useful handbooks from the following URL:
Regarding the eligibility for admission to Bachelor’s degree program of universities in Japan,
please refer to the following pdf (page 14 of this booklet, it means page17 of this pdf) by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan.
Osaka University Admission Division
Department of Education and Student Affairs
1-1 Yamadaoka Osaka, 565-0871 Japan

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